Which Hardwood Floor Works Best For You?

Which Hardwood Floor Works Best For You?

You are interested in the best hardwood flooring Cedar Rapids, Marion, Hiawatha, Iowa City, Coralville, North Liberty, Waterloo, or Cedar Falls, Iowa has to offer. However, you aren't sure what type or species is the best choice for your needs. That's where we come into play at Kamals Flooring & Rugs. We provide many, many types of hardwood floors. And the following options are among the most popular and generally useful that you can get for your home – at a price that you can afford!

White Oak

This type of hardwood floor has a hardness rating of about 1360, which makes it an sexcellent choice for those who want the most durable floor possible. They are designed to produce a broad array of colors, though white is ironically not one of them. This tree's name comes not from its wood color but that of its bark. And since you'll be building with the wood, you won't get a white color.

Instead, you'll get more of a golden brown color with some slight gray throughout. You are also going to get some moderate but tolerable liner graining. Many different options exist for this flooring, too, which helps to make it an excellent choice for many people. Typically, it is often a suitable replacement for red oak because some people don't want to pay the money for that particular flooring option.

Red Oak

This cousin to white oak is often what people think of when they think of hardwood floors. It has a very heavy type of grain, which makes it very attractive for some types of homes. The colors typically range from a slightly creamy red to many shades of brown. The overall texture and quality of this wood is quite high and is often hard to top with other types on the market, particularly other oaks.

By comparison to white oak, red oak is a bit softer. It has a hardness rating of just 1290, which is a little lower for hardwood flooring. And its color has a little more pink to it than white oak, though the overall wood color is often quite similar. This option is often one of the most popular, though, because it is very diverse, easy to work with, and produces some fantastic textures when properly installed.


People may not think of maple as a suitable choice for hardwood floors. However, this very widespread tree is a surprisingly great choice for many homes. Typically, it has a quite high hardness level – 1450 – that makes it an excellent choice for homes that may experience a lot of wear and tear. And the lighter graining is often more uniform but can vary from straight lines all the way to wild curves.

A typical maple has a light and creamy white color that makes it suitable for those who want a more neutral style in their home. Often, they work best when you pre-stain and pre-finish them because this extra protection ensures that they remain more durable for longer times. And maple is one of the few types of wood that produces the beautiful "birdseye" graining, so keep that in mind when shopping.

American Cherry

Those who want a somewhat softer type of hardwood flooring may want American Cherry. With a rating of just 950, it is surprisingly smooth and comfortable to work with when crafting. Those worried about this relative softness may not be as upset because of the unique nature of cherry's graining. Few kinds of wood produce such a diverse array of different grains and colors, all of which are often quite unique.

Often, you'll find that this type of wood works best in homes without a lot of wear and tear. Retired couples often do well with this wood option because they don't have so many feet running across their floor. And consider using broad planks with this type of wood. Often, cherry looks the best when you have planks at least five feet across. This choice helps to transform your floors into more attractive places.

Brazilian Walnut

Next on our list of high-quality hardwood floor species is Brazilian Walnut. This option is acclaimed for its hardness – 3680 – and its capability for withstanding many types of damage. Typically, you want to add this type of wood in areas that are likely to experience a lot of foot traffic. Doing so can help to protect your floors from damage and ensure that you get the most possible value out of your home at the same type.

Typically, you'll get a reasonably dark brown – sometimes near black – with this species' heartwood. You may also find tan colors and lighter textures with the sapwood. As a result, you should have an easy time pairing this option up in your home. Just as importantly, you will get many types of mixed grains. Brazilian Walnut is acclaimed for its mix of straight and irregular patterns, which produce many unique styles that are hard to top, even with similar wood types.


Though on the softer end of the scale – 1260 – birch is still harder than American Cherry. That means it often serves as an excellent hardwood flooring compromise for many people. Those who don't want very strong or very softwoods may appreciate this option. And those who wish to have very uniform curls and graining should also enjoy this option, as its creamy white color is mostly quite singular.

That said, you need to be careful when choosing this option because you want to make sure that you select the proper type for your needs. Yellow Birch is typically made from the sapwood and much lighter than Red Birch. This option is made from the heartwood and is usually redder in tone. Make sure to check comparison charts, here, to get the high-quality look that you want for your home.

Help is Available for Your Floors

As you can see, the most beautiful hardwood flooring in Cedar Rapids, Marion, Hiawatha, Iowa City, Coralville, North Liberty, Waterloo, or Cedar Falls, Iowa often varies heavily based on your needs. As a result, you need to take your time exploring your options to come up with one that works for your needs. That's when you should contact us at Kamals Flooring & Rugs to learn more. Our flooring experts have years of experience helping people like you and will do what they can to help you. So don't hesitate to work with us today to get the best hardwood floor that your home can get.