Where to Put Your Area Rugs In A Small Home

Where to Put Your Area Rugs In A Small Home

You've been thinking of buying some area rugs in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Waterloo, and Cedar Falls, Iowa, but you aren't sure if your house is big enough. Lots of people have smaller homes that often have less floor room and need to be carefully decorated in ways that make sense. That's why we have compiled these beneficial tips for rug decoration. By using these steps, you will ensure that your home looks as attractive as possible and is perfect for your overall decorative needs.

Accentuate Your Furniture

In a small home, your furniture is going to be critical for your home's overall decoration and look. You'll need to make sure that you carefully position every piece to maximize your decorating potential and to put them in places that make sense for your rooms and your home's overall energy flow. For example, your area rugs will need to go underneath your furniture in a way that is both appealing and effective for the overall look of your house.

Just as importantly, you need to make sure that you pay attention to the color and style of your furniture to match them to your rugs as well. Make sure that your carpets have the same general overall feel and look of your furniture or that they, at least, compliment them. An exact match isn't necessary if you find a combination of colors, textures, and materials that looks great for your home and which makes your rooms look better and more attractive.

That's also why we suggest extending your rugs under your furniture to help out with this step even further. Typically, you want to make sure that all of your furniture is on top of the rug and covering up the edges. If your carpet isn't that large, you should at least make sure that it is equally distant from each piece. This step helps to make sure that the rug looks great and is appropriately positioned and proportioned in your home for maximum decorative strength.

Size Does Matter

You may think that you need to get small area rugs for your home. That idea is understandable – a small house needs small decorations, right? Not necessarily when it comes to carpets. Often, it is better to dive right in and get larger rugs. Many homeowners are very skilled at buying rugs that cover up the floors of small homes without costing a lot of money. Remember how we mentioned putting furniture on your carpets? This step is part of the decorative process.

We suggest finding a rug that is large enough to fit in a room of your house but short by about two or three inches. You want some room around the edges, or else the rug may bunch up on the room sides and become less attractive. A bunched up rug is also a potential tripping hazard, so you need to make sure to flatten it out as much as possible. Thankfully, this step is relatively simple and shouldn't require a lot of work from you or your rug provider.

Start by measuring the length and width of your room to get a feel for how large you want your rug. Subtract a few inches from each measurement to get the final carpet size that you'll need to use. You may want to go a little smaller, too, depending on your finances and your decorative options. Many people like a rug that is shorter than their room by more than three inches because they are easier to pick up, store, and relocate. Others may want to focus more on using multiple carpets throughout their home to achieve a similar full coverage but with more textures and colors.

Always Cover the Highest Traffic Areas

Do you need area rugs in every room of your house? Not necessarily. Many people prefer using these carpets in a more focused manner. That's because they can save money and using their rugs to produce a unique style that they cannot get in any other way. So, if you're limiting yourself in your carpet coverage, which rooms should you integrate? Try focusing on the highest traffic areas.

For example, you can place carpets in your living room, all of the bedrooms, in the dining room, and n other areas that have a heavy concentration of people. Areas that you don't travel as much, such as in your garage or work areas, probably don't need these carpets. That doesn't mean you can't add some in these spots but that you should be careful about where you place them in your home.

Hallways also need a heavy concentration of rugs to keep them from wearing down. As these areas are often the focus of a vast majority of traffic in a home – particularly halls that lead to bedrooms and other important areas – it is critical to know when to add carpets to these areas. As with all rooms, you need to make sure that they fit the area fully without touching the walls to produce an attractive look.

Use Patterns to Stand Out

Lastly, be ready to use patterns to make your small home stand out. For example, you can use area rugs to change up a look in your room by using great designs that mix well with your home. For example, various types of geometric shapes often accentuate similar looks in a room.

Triangles, squares, and rectangles on your carpets may seem simple, but they do provide an exciting look that is hard to top. And often, these patterns can be expanded in many ways. But you also need to make sure that you don't go a little TOO crazy with patterns and create a home that is nowhere near as attractive as you want.

Some people have a terrible tendency to try to get a little too creative and end up creating unattractive looks that make their home unappealing. The problem here is that it is very easy to make mistakes when upgrading your home and by paring up patterns that don't feel right together. Talk to a carpet expert to avoid this issue.

Do You Want Great Rugs for Your Home

As you can see, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Waterloo, and Cedar Falls, Iowa area rugs provide your small home with a vast range of decorative possibilities that you shouldn't take lightly. So if you are interested in these types of carpets and you want to make sure you find ones that meet your needs, please contact us at Kamal's Flooring & Rugs to learn more. Our experts have years of experience helping people in your position and will do what we can to help you succeed in many ways.