Is Hardwood Flooring Good For A Home With Children?

Is Hardwood Flooring Good For A Home With Children?

Children often have a very difficult time not damaging homes because they are very busy, active, and don't quite understand their own strength. For example, many types of floors suffer from children and aren't suitable for homes with them. Thankfully, the best hardwood flooring in Cedar Rapids, Marion, Hiawatha, and Iowa City, Iowa, can help protect a home in this way. At Kamals Flooring & Rugs, we have many different hardwood floor options that you can consider in this situation.

Hardwood is Easy to Clean

The most devastating impact that children can have on a floor is spilling foods, drinks, or various types of toys. For example, many children enjoy red fruit juice, which causes a very damaging stain when it hits any floor. Even worse, some kids may drop food on the floor, like tomato sauce, that can degrade the surface and cause severe problems that spread and become hard to manage without expert help.

Therefore, it is critical to install flooring that can withstand the potential damage impact of children. Thankfully, hardwood flooring can do much to help in this situation. This flooring option is designed to be among the most natural types to clean on the market. Most won't hold an acute or severe stain and require very little cleaning methods to break apart any items that do fall on their surface.

Even better, hardwood doesn't have the kind of fibers conventional on carpets, which means that stains don't stick in them as quickly. Just imagine how much easier it is to clean glue and clay off of hardwood compared to carpet. Even if a child steps on the item on a hardwood floor, it won't absorb into the surface and should be easy to remove with a person's bare hands or even a small razor blade.

Extra Warmth is Nice

Floors are one of the most critical elements of a home's temperature control. While heat ultimately rises and leaves a room upward through the ceiling, the floor can affect a person's temperature in many ways. For example, a concrete floor holds very little heat and often is very cold to the touch, which can make them very uncomfortable for many homes or business owners to tolerate. That's because low temperatures are a real health risk for many people.

In homes with children, this type of coldness is unacceptable. Children often have a lower tolerance of cold and may get sick as a result of colder floors. However, carpet isn't always a great idea for homes with kids because of their tendency to make messes. Thankfully, high-quality hardwood flooring will retain heat better than other solid floors and provide the same level of cleanness as concrete. Even better, they are likely to keep your children healthier.

That's because wood naturally holds more heat than concrete or other types of flooring. As a result, you and your children can walk across the surface in your bare feet in the winter without feeling cold. And since wood is softer than concrete or tile flooring, your children will also be less likely to develop calluses, bruises, or other problems on the bottom of their feet when they walk on these floors. And don't forget: hardwood is also less allergenic, meaning that your children will be free from asthma attacks and other health problems when playing in the home.

Tough Surface Protection

Floors have a very tough job in any home but are particularly strained in that with children. Though children weigh less than adults, they are often tougher on floors for several reasons. First of all, they have more energy and are often on their feet, walking across floors, jumping, skipping, doing cartwheels, or otherwise acting young and excitable. Many floors cannot take this abuse.

For example, carpets have a terrible tendency to wear down quite quickly under the strain of children. Harder floors, like tiles, do better but also have an unfortunate tendency to wear down. Therefore, homeowners with children need to find a floor that meets their needs. Thankfully, the very protective surface of hardwood flooring should do just that and at a reasonable price to boot.

That's because hardwood is a reasonably priced product that still offers some of the most durable and long-lasting protection on the market today. Yes, you'll pay more than you would for tile or concrete. But your floor will ultimately last a lot longer and save you money only because it doesn't wear down as quickly. And don't forget: hardwood floors are also very resistant to scratches, meaning your children won't cause anywhere near the same kind of damage to them.

Wood Floors Can Be Refurnished

Lastly, hardwood flooring is an excellent choice for a home with children because they are straightforward to refurbish and keep their strength longer than other types of floors. For example, you can refurbish the surface of a hardwood floor to remove stains, eliminate potential cracks, and increase the strength of the floor. This process is one that helps to make these floors a great choice for homes with children because they can recover from damage more easily.

For example, if a child spills a red drink on a porcelain floor, the stain will spread rapidly and may end up becoming a permanent part of the floor's surface. With hardwood, however, you can use a refurnish or a sealant spray to eliminate the stain and keep the floor as secure as possible. This process can be done relatively quickly and shouldn't put your child or any other element of your floor at any risk of potential damage in this situation.

Just as importantly, you can also change up the surface of the floor if your child damages it by accident. For example, a child swinging their toys hard onto a floor may cause cracks that could become a severe problem without refurnishing. Thankfully, the refurbishing process is relatively simple and allows homeowners and business owners to eliminate this problem in a way that minimizes the danger of more long-lasting issues.

Don't Neglect Professional Help Here

As you can see, the best hardwood flooring Coralville, North Liberty, Waterloo, and Cedar Falls, Iowa, have to offer can protect your child and you from various problems. Don't forget: hardwood is also an excellent choice for homes with pets or other potentially demanding creatures. So please don't hesitate to contact us at Kamals Flooring & Rugs to learn more. Our professionals have years of experience with flooring and will do what is necessary to ensure that your floor is as secure as possible.