Do Area Rugs Really Improve Your Home?

Do Area Rugs Really Improve Your Home?

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Do Area Rugs Really Improve Your Home?

Although you have many hard floors in your home, you have debated getting area rugs in Cedar Rapids, Marion, Hiawatha, or Iowa City, Iowa. Do these decorations add real value to a home? Absolutely! And here is why you should consider them.

Improve Home Style

When you add high-quality area rugs to your home, you immediately improve your style in a variety of ways. For example, rugs add a new texture to your home that can make it more attractive and appealing. Just as importantly, it can add new colors that make your house a better place to be.

These colors can compliment with the other color designs of a home in a way that you can't get with other elements. While you could add a full-floor carpet to your home to achieve a similar effect, an area rug is a better choice. They are not only more comfortable and easy to install but typically cost less and require less maintenance than a full-sized carpet.

If you're smart about how you use these rugs, you can achieve a multitude of effects that create a unique style. For example, you can scatter many rugs throughout your home to emphasize the unique design aspects of your house. In this way, you can make your home a more attractive purchasing decision for somebody if they're interested in buying it.

Minimizes Allergy Problems

Allergies are a common problem that typically occurs because of a variety of allergens spread through your home. You've probably heard – correctly – that rooms with carpets cause more allergic reactions because they absorb more items. However, hard floors may also be a problem for those with allergies.

How is this the case? Simply put, these floors allow dust, animal dander, and other allergens to spread across your floor without restriction. As a result, they are more likely to go airborne and be inhaled, which is a severe issue if you have allergies.

However, an area rug will absorb many of these allergens and keep them from spreading so rapidly. And if you properly maintain the carpet with cleanings – such as vacuuming and occasional dusting – you can prevent these allergens from collecting in your home and improve the air health at the same time.

Boost Your Comfort Levels

Although hardwood floors and tiles typically produce high-quality styles that require minimal maintenance compared to carpet, they aren't quite as soft as area rugs. Even worse, they usually hold cold more intensely than mats, which can make them harder to tolerate in winter. Thankfully, a carpet strategically placed in these rooms can minimize this cold and increase comfort.

This extra comfort isn't just a fascinating aspect to add to a home but can be useful for your health at the same time. For example, a carpet is softer to the touch and absorbs more of your weight than a hardwood floor. As a result, you'll alleviate some of the pressure on your body and experience less pain, particularly in areas like your knees and ankles, that hold most of your weight.

Carpets like these also provide extra comfort for pets in the house, particularly those that like to lay on the floor. When your pets are older and can't get on their couch or in their bed, they can stay on a rug on the floor to alleviate some of their body's strain. And for animals with sharp nails, these carpets make it easier for them to jump onto couches and chairs without pressure and without scratching the floor itself.

Reduces Noise Levels

Although hardwood and tile floors have many benefits for a home, they do have many drawbacks. Excessive noise levels are one of the most common of these. For example, rooms with concrete floors have a slight echo to them that can be distracting. This echo can make your conversation more difficult with family members, force you to turn up the television, and even lead to hearing damage.

Thankfully, area rugs can minimize some of this problem by absorbing much of the excess sound in your house. The fibers of a carpet will not reflect the sound but dissipate most of its impact, which will help eliminate the echo in the room. This benefit is particularly great for larger rooms that hold multiple people, such as living rooms or even theater areas.

However, this noise dampening can be beneficial in sleep areas, particularly in a young child's room. Rather than amplifying every sound – which may be distracting to the child – a rug can absorb most of the sound, minimize the echo, and help them sleep easier. Even adults who struggle to sleep may appreciate this benefit and the way it impacts their rest at night.

Add Extra Warmth

We briefly touched on this benefit earlier in the article, but feel it needs a little more emphasis here. Just think of the last time you tried to sit in a room without area rugs or a carpet. You probably felt slightly uncomfortable and cold while you were there because the bare floor doesn't absorb as much heat.

Thankfully, you can place a rug in these rooms to immediately make a room feel more comfortable and warm. While the room won't typically be more heated if you checked the temperature, the extra carpet reflects more heat to your feet to make it feel warmer to your body.

This trick is a smart way of increasing your heating and cooling efficiency as well. Simply put, you won't turn up the heat in your room as much as you would without the rug or carpet. As a result, you can decrease your heat use without enhancing your insulation or taking other steps. How cool is that?

Makes a Room Feel More Connected

Lastly, a high-quality rug can help a room feel more connected or "grounded" than a room with a hardwood floor. This feeling is a pretty subjective one, and not everybody may notice it. However, those who do will feel the reaction almost right away.

Simply put, a carpet holds onto your furniture – and your feet – more efficiently. As a result, you and your furniture won't feel like they are floating across the floor the way that they can with a harder floor. This benefit is one that not everyone will notice but which can be useful for many people.

When to Get Help With These Rugs

If you want area rugs in Coralville, North Liberty, Waterloo, or Cedar Falls, Iowa and you aren't sure where to turn, please don't hesitate to contact us today to learn more. Our experts will work with you to ensure that you get the best possible rug or carpet for your needs.